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Mar 17, 2017

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And why would you look to it over other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook? Part of the Google Plus appeal lies within its hangouts, the multi-video chats where people can talk, share and see each other. Google Plus users have been very creative with this aspect, and designers are adding a whole new level of กระเป๋า แฟชั่น 2013 interaction with their fans. This October, Google and the Council of Fashion Designers of America ( CFDA) teamed up to create high-profile hangouts, where users could tune in to watch Diane Von Furstenburg or Rebecca Minkoff. In the hangout they could ask them questions LIVE- have them answered LIVE and also use Googles e-commerce tool to buy items from the collection. We got ahold of Ria Tobaccowala, Head of Lifestyle Partnerships at Google+, to find out a bit more about how this works. The fashion space on Google+ is growing and we were thinking about how we could make this more engaging. We want to excite our audience! We partnered with the CFDA as they are a great representation of the fashion industry, and a perfect partner for our platform. The CFDA were largely self-directed in terms of choices of the celebrity fashion designer hangouts, reaching out to DVF, Minkoff and more, as well as incorporating the blogger hosts of the show Tina Craig from The Bag Snob , Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power from Who What Wear and more. Awhile back Elle Magazine did a hangout with celebrities that included Rachel Zoe, Neiman Marcus and Coca Rocha, Tobaccowala said. It was great to have those trend talks, but we thought what if you could watch this and shop at the same time. What if you could buy what they were referring to, to make it more engaging? Brands have been eager to incorporate Google Hangouts into their outreach as it lets them give something personal and unique to their fanbase.

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It... (Michael Hiltzik) Another blow will be the GOP plans repeal of Obamacares cost-sharing subsidies, starting in 2020, which go to especially low-income households. About 57% of all buyers on the individual market receive those subsidies, so the repeal of this provision will hit about 5 million Americans hard. 4. Employer-sponsored insurance might start to disappear. The CBO projected that the passage of the ACA would trigger a decline in employer-sponsored insurance, which covers about half of all Americans . That didnt happen to the extent the CBO expected, but it calculates now that the GOP proposal might do the job. Thats because the GOP bill repeals the penalties for individuals and companies above a certain size that dont carry coverage. The analysis projects that because of these reduced incentives, 2 million Americans would lose or drop out of employer-sponsored coverage by 2020, and 7 million by 2026. The CBO notes further that, since the GOP proposal provides premium subsidies to Americans with higher incomes than are eligible under Obamacare, some better-paid employees might forgo their employer plans and buy coverage on the individual market. Two countervailing factors exist, however: Although subsidies would be available to higher-income workers, on the whole theyd be skimpier than the ACAs; and the quality of insurance outside the employer-based market might be lower than whats available on the job.

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taxpayers procrastinate on filing returns this year Data Dive | Tue Mar 14, 2017 | 7:39am EDT U.S. taxpayers procrastinate on filing returns this year By Beth Pinsker NEW YORK Tax season in the United States is off to a slow start. The number of people filing their taxes with the Internal Revenue Service is running well below last year. The number of returns received by the agency was off 8.5 percent from Jan. 23 through March 3. And refunds were down 7.1 percent in dollar terms. These numbers are usually flat year to year, so a significant drop in tax filings means something unusual is going on. One simple reason is a fluke of the calendar. The tax deadline is April 18 instead of the traditional April 15, which falls on a Saturday this year.