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Feb 09, 2017

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In China, for example, fried chicken franchise KFC recently unveiled its first "smart restaurant" that uses facial recognition to predict what meal customers are likely to want, based on their age, gender and the time of day, while payments giant Alipay is experimenting with "smile to pay" tech. Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption Some facial recognition software can measure scores of individual characteristics In the US, medical technology company NextGate has developed facial recognition that can identify patients

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and link them to their medical records. In Israel, meanwhile, "facial profiling" firm Faception even claims its technology can tell if you're a terrorist, extrovert, paedophile, genius or professional poker player by analysing 15 details of your face that are invisible to the naked eye. It then uses the information to determine your personality traits, with the firm claiming it has an 80% accuracy rate. And Russian app FindFace lets you match a photograph you've taken of someone to their social media profile on the country's popular social media platform Vkontakte. In theory, you could track down a complete stranger you snapped on the bus or train. Image copyright Alex Wong Image caption Chinese payments giant Alipay is experimenting with "smile to pay" tech "There are many potential applications of robust and reliable facial recognition technology," says Prof Josef Kittler from the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing at the University of Surrey in the UK. "Uses include security and surveillance of business, identity verification for business transactions, personalised treatment of regular customers, and analysing a customer's reaction to displays for marketing purposes." The university is currently heading a 6m ($7.5m) collaborative research programme funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to develop next-generation facial recognition technology. If the face fits One of the principal drivers of the tech is the security sector.

...as found by BBC Monitoring 2 February 2017 Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Recycling could cut local people's utility bills, but their water supply is notoriously poor A council in south-eastern Belarus has come up with a novel way to help cash-strapped locals pay their water and gas bills - by handing in recyclable waste. The authorities in the town of Rahachow have put up fliers in the entrances to blocks of flats to let people know that they will accept paper, plastic and glass in return for basic utilities like water and gas, the Rogachev Online news site reports. It says there is a growing issue with people not being able to pay their bills in the town. Some social media users have welcomed the help this could provide, with readers in Russia even suggesting they could adopt it too. But many local people are sceptical, in particular about the failure to specify the amount of recycling needed to pay their bills. Some even think it's a scam to gather glass and plastic then sell it on at inflated prices, Rogachev Online says. Although the site itself "welcomes the council's creative approach", it does wonder tongue-in-cheek what banks will do if people turn up to pay bills with empty bottles. The area's water quality and supply have been poor for many years, and what comes out of the taps is sometimes so discoloured that it is unfit for washing, let alone drinking. The council has promised to install a new filtering system this year to solve the problem, but not everyone is sure it will change anything. Rahachow's populous Third District still has problems with water and heating, even though the system was overhauled there a few years ago, the site says.